Clickbite, 2020
Digital, Instagram

— in collaboration with Christian Dwiky Sirait


Part of #KaryaNormalBaru Makassar Biennale x Jakarta Biennale x Biennale Jogja

Memories are dug up, recipes are tested. The belief in the production of knowledge and culture that was left behind by the predecessors was revived. Things that had been eliminated by modernity, suddenly resurrected massively as an effort to prevent or repel reinforcements. Humans, as active subjects, will always worry about today and the future. The assumption about the forms of normality that always changes based on the conditions of the social environment makes each individual have an anticipatory strategy.

Focusing on food as part of basic human needs, natural products such as guava, orange peel, moringa leaves, to various kinds of spices are predicted to be able to prevent corona; human immune booster. When we consume it, we also consume processed knowledge production and media commodification that play an active role in the emergence of this phenomenon.

This work responds to provocative news headlines that highlight natural products as an antidote to corona in a simple branding work. Online food marketing practices are adopted. The final results of this work are photos, designs, and videos.