Theirs Mine, 2015-2016

Print on Photo Paper, Mounted on Allumunium Composite, Variable Dimension

Solo Exhibition
Galeri R. J. Katamsi, Bantul, Indonesia

Instagram gives a space to be connected with the unlimited networks without having to be bounded to any specific connection, physically or even virtually. As an active instagram user, I observed that there is a pattern in archiving, which has been consciously or unconsciously done by the instagram users. The hashtag and location features become the archiving method and I see that there is a visual rhythm in such archive.


In this work, I am trying to respond to the rhythm. I arranged the rhythmic pieces I found through my own photographs. The imaginary lines of composition provide the opportunity to be put together. Indirectly I am collaborating with those who have the same visual and interest with me. We share the same view here, because we created the same thing.