Trimantra Duduk Bersila, 2022
Mix-Media Installation, 110 x 130 x 150cm
Collective work: Gulung Tukar

Showed at Erlangga Art Awards 2022
National Museum of Indonesia

In this time of pandemic, we do many adaptation in our daily lives. From being initially forced to physically separate, gradually we present new forms of normality. We, together, go through a phase of stopping, staying still, and not doing much physical movement. But a lot of non-physical movement and development occurred during this period. When we reflect, we see the same pattern that our ancestors did. The activity of asceticism or penance became part of the culture left behind by the predecessors. Physically, we carry out similar activities during this pandemic. Many things we do while sitting, from studying to working. We get a lot of new knowledge and experience without the need to move from where we sit.


In Tulungagung, our domicile, there is the Gayatri temple, a heritage site of the Majapahit kingdom. Gayatri is a wise queen. She thinks and prioritizes the future over power. We then adopt the depiction of Gayatri, especially the embodiment of the stella (reclining statue) with its carvings and the padmasana (lotus seat). This installation is a form of our reflection after going through the pandemic. That we continue to move and develop when we do more activities (by) sitting. When the audience interacts by sitting cross-legged in this installation, they will become one with the installation and experience a rebirth experience in the form of animated projection shots (mapping) about 3 past, present, and future.