Same Time, Some Feed, 2015
Diametre 10,5cm, Print on Paper, Mounted on Glass

in collaboration with Christian Dwiky Sirait


Group Exhibiton

Connect with Known, Unknown, and Others

Ruang Mes 56, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The internet is a mass storage that stores a variety of information. The existence of social media is increasingly adding to the variety of data available on the internet, of course, most of these data are personal things, Instagram is no exception. We can find out about a thing, place, or event through social media, without having to go directly to the field. To be able to access information on the internet, certain knowledge tools are needed, so that the need for information can be fulfilled.


In this project, we collect various data from online media and Instagram about a place, in this case Syria. We chose Syria because recently there has been a lot of news about the conflict in that country. We did a search on instagram with hashtags related to Syria. We also do a search with the keyword Syria on the Google search engine. There is a significant difference in the search results. Based on the findings we got, we decided to ‘bump’ two different data with time as a common thread.


The process is that we log into Instagram accounts, commonly called stalking, then do a screen capture of interesting photos, according to our point of view. Next, find out the date when the photo was uploaded, with the help of a website on the internet, the way it works is to count down the date with a reference to the time the screen capture was done. After getting the upload time of the photo, we looked for what events happened around that date in Syria. There are many events that occur in parallel. In the presentation, we bring together visuals on Instagram with excerpts from news texts on the internet in one installation media that can be seen from two sides. This work is about how a certain event has a background of many other parallel events.